Dogs on the Move: Keep Your Pup Stress Free While Moving

January 10, 2022by WM

When it comes to moving, there are hundreds of things to consider. One thing that is often overlooked is keeping your dog stress free throughout the whole ordeal. Dogs are sensitive creatures and know when things are changing. By keeping a few tips in mind, you can ease your dog through the transition and keep him secure during the move.

Dogs are territorial animals and become very attached to their home. It can be stressful for them to see their surroundings change and their routines altered. Make the transition easier by lessening the shock and following these tips.

The Packing Phase

The best you can do for your dog is to keep some of his structure and routine so that he doesn’t become disoriented. Consider the following:

  • Keep feeding times the same. Don’t alter your dog’s usual schedules. Consistency helps dogs stay calm and feel at ease.
  • Maintain walks and exercise routines. A tired dog is always a good dog. Letting your dog burn off excess energy will soothe anxiety and get rid of stress.
  • Amp up the playtime. Giving him some extra attention and playtime will help him feel safe, loved, and at ease.
  • Provide a safe place. Dogs will find sanctuary in a safe and familiar spot, so you should pack your dog’s room last. Keep treats, toys, and his old bedding so that the familiar smells provide him comfort.

Before the Move

As moving day approaches, make sure your dog’s vaccinations and registration are up to date. If you haven’t microchipped (it only costs $25 – $50) your dog yet, make sure to do so. This can help you locate your dog if he somehow gets loose in the new neighborhood or during the move. Getting records in order is important before the move. Always keep his collar on and dog tags with current information.

You can lower the chances of your dog wandering off by choosing a home with a fence or having a fence installed before you move. After all, you want your dog to feel and be safe when he’s introduced to this brand-new environment. In Broomfield, CO, installing a wooden fence will cost an average of $1,628 – $3,455.

Moving Day

Everything you’ve done up to now will ensure a successful moving day. The day of the move likely will involve a lot of noise, strangers, and constant movement. This is not a good environment for a dog that is already anxious about a change in his surroundings. There are a few options for making moving day less stressful for your dog.

Take him away from the action. It’s generally a good option to take your dog somewhere else while the bulk of the move is happening. It could be a neighbor’s house, a doggie day care, or a friend’s house. This is not only to keep your dog from stressing out, but for his safety. Many dogs run away when they are anxious, and you don’t want that happening to you in the middle of a move. There are also a lot of strangers in the house on moving day, which can cause anxiety and bad behavior.

Put him in a safe place. It’s usually best to have a friend or family member watch over your pet during the move. You could also board your pup for the day. If it’s not possible for you to take him somewhere, make sure to provide a safe and comfortable space for him to relax. This could be a laundry room or a spare bedroom. Ideally, you want to keep his favorite blankets and toys around him so that he feels secure. Provide treats to keep him occupied and stress levels low.

With a little planning and consideration, your dog will make it through moving day with minimal stress. The trick is planning ahead so that you ensure his comfort and safety. Don’t give yourself something else to worry about. Keep your dog happy and calm.

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Written By: Cindy Aldridge,

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