These Apps Can Answer Your First-Time Dog Owner Question

March 10, 2022by WM

Getting your first dog is a big responsibility. You and your dog may have awesome adventures, but when something needs planning, you are the mastermind, and if something goes wrong, you need to have the answers. Here, Doggie Style recommends some awesome apps that can provide you with all the info that you need.


Prepare to Learn

When preparing for your new pet, you need more than a sturdy crate, a cozy bed, and well-chosen food and treats (though these are all important, of course!). You should also take advantage of some helpful apps for first-time pet owners. But first things first. If your phone is an older model, an upgrade may be in order to ensure you can run and download these apps without any hiccups. There are plenty of models to pick from that come with different features such as a high-quality camera and a super-fast chip.


Once you’ve got a capable smartphone, you’ll be able to access pet-parent answers fast through some amazing apps. Check out some of our favorites!


Can I Feed My Dog That? – iKibble and APCC

You’re having a summer barbecue and you’re about to toss your dog a kebab of beef and peppers when you stop and think, “Can I feed my dog that?” You can share food with your dog occasionally, but certain foods are no-gos. iKibble is the best resource for what’s safe to feed your dog and what isn’t.


Dr. Justine Lee notes that the APCC app, on the other hand, is for when your dog eats something and you’re not sure if it’ll make him sick. APCC stands for Animal Poison Control Center, and their app is specially designed to help you answer the question, “Should my dog have eaten that?” as quickly as possible.


How Do I Train My Dog? – Puppr

Everyone wants a well-trained dog and to be the best dog trainer in the world. But we don’t start out that way. The Puppr app has step-by-step, illustrated guides on how to train your dog and provide all the right kinds of reinforcement to help your dog enjoy the training. Just by thumbing through the app, you’ll quickly learn everything you need to know to be a great trainer.


Are We Going for Walks Often Enough? – Paw Tracks

If you live in an apartment or other type of home without a yard and pet door, going for walks is critical to your pet’s health. But you may be wondering if you’re going on walks often enough – or too often – for your dog’s comfort and health. Paw Tracks helps you track how often you go out and will help remind you to take your dog out when he is most likely to need a walk.


What Has My Pet Been Up To? – Whistle

Whether your dog is an escape artist or you just want to know what he’s up to when you’re not home, there’s an app for that, too! Wired explains Whistle is more than just a doggy GPS app. It tracks where your dog has been, who he’s hanging out with, and how active he’s been. Your pet can earn activity badges for walks and playtime, and you can even track where your pet most enjoys being on a heatmap.


When it comes to understanding your dog and making smart first-time owner decisions, having the right apps can make life better for you both. No need to buy a stack of dog owner books or constantly thumb-tap your Google searches. Become an instant expert dog owner with all the answers right in the palm of your hand.

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Written By: Cindy Aldridge,

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